Welcome !

If you've arrived here, you may have heard a call to live a life with more authenticity, to align with your true Nature.

I  look forward to walking this path with you...



Transformation is process-oriented

Sickness, separation, burn-outs, breakdowns, trauma, depression, death - these are events that deeply affect our being. Yet, within the most challenging moments of our lives, there is infinite potential for awareness and thus great possibility for transformation!


To overcome, we must live through...

This requires passing through the natural process or taking the necessary steps, to allow the cycle of "death" and "rebirth" to take place.


Tools are here to guide us

In my personal and professional experience, I’ve witnessed how states of stagnation and transitional moments have greatly benefited from an accompaniment of skillful methods to push us towards initiating major significant changes and transforming our limitless potential.


My experience is yours to use

For over a decade, I have studied Human Design, Soul Reading - Energetic Clearing, and Hypnotherapy and their potential to reach deep into the core of an issue, in a gentle, practical, holistic way. These are some of the most efficient tools in helping us decondition our constructed belief systems and reconnect to our inner being, our true essence.


Interconnected Win/Win

We only win when everyone wins!

I approach every client’s process with compassion and respect because I believe we are all here for one another. Your journey is a part of mine and I honor our interconnectedness. Thus, it would be a real pleasure to walk this path together!