About me


I felt the call to follow this path through my own quest for healing. 

A direction in life opened up for me - a journey began, immersing me in deep transformative work. Between ancient traditions and modern sciences, I investigated the healing processes that make us face our fears, clear stagnant energies, reprogram limiting repetitive patterns, and support the growth and development of Self. 

I grew up in the green mountains and hills of the Basque Country.

Although I worked in the medical-social sector, the homogenized approach of conventional medicine did not work for me. It is by looking in other directions, between soul searching and heart listening, that I found my path.

Encounters with shamans, wisemen and abuelas - from European, Amerindian, Taoist, Mexican and Colombian traditions - guided me through initiations, ceremonies, and teachings.

This journey catalyzed profound healing, transforming deep traumas into circumstances of my growth and evolution as a human being. Through each experience, I have rediscovered my sensitivity, intuition, and true nature.

Over the past 10 years, I have studied human design, energy work techniques, and hypnosis therapy. These approaches have allowed me to understand the energetic, psychological and emotional mechanisms of the human being, facilitating the reconnection to one's soul.

Today, I wish to share my passion, and I look forward to accompanying you on your journey...