Human Design

Human Design is a synthesis of astrology (eastern and western), the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, the Zohar (Kabbalah), and most importantly the I’Ching Book of Changes, with the modern science of reading genetic code.

Birth data is used to calculate your personal chart, which determines your Type and Definition.

These are the key components of the system that provide you with the Strategy and Authority you experiment with, in order to limit resistance in your life and discover your individual nature.

When you really get what is correct for you, you can live the right relationships, career, environment, and so forth.


Human Design offers uniquely profound insight into how you are designed to navigate this world. By acting on it and experimenting with its logic, you may discover the remarkable experience of finding and ultimately living your purpose, seeing the beauty of what life holds for you.



1h session

80 euros



1h30 session

120 euros

Simple call on Wattsapp or video call on Skype or Zoom