Human Design Reading/Coaching

In a Human Design reading we will go through your personal chart, and you will receive practical guidance and advice to experience the uniqueness that you were designed to live, based on your specific own life force, strategy, authority and personal mechanisms. 


Soul reading and energetic clearing


In a soul reading will tap into your Akashic records, and we will identify on a soul level several different characteristics including where your soul originates from, what you are here for, past and present life trainings, and the state of your energetic systems.  We will clear any energetic blockages and disruptions from internal and/or external influences, any contracts and cords from past or present life that may be causing any limitations.


Hypnosis Therapy  


In an hypnosis session, we will address specific challenge(s) or issue(s).   

This therapy is a dynamic and profound approach, that use the hypnotic trance state, to unravel your concerns, and reach the full realization of your true nature.  

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