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Human Design


The Human Design System is a relatively new form of self-knowledge that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today. It is not built on belief, but rather offers a concrete map of your "true self" and the opportunity to experiment with it’s mechanics.


Human Design is a synthesis of astrology (eastern and western), the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, the Zohar (Kabbalah), and most importantly the I’Ching Book of Changes, with the modern science of reading genetic code.

Birth data is used to calculate your personal chart, which determines your Type and Definition.

These are the key components of the system that provide you with the Strategy and Authority you experiment with, in order to limit resistance in your life and discover your individual nature.

When you really get what is correct for you, you can live the right relationships, career, environment, and so forth.


Human Design offers uniquely profound insight into how you are designed to navigate this world. By acting on it and experimenting with its logic, you may discover the remarkable experience of finding and ultimately living your purpose, seeing the beauty of what life holds for you.

Soul reading and energetic clearing

I use a method based on access to the Akashic Records - an ethereal compendium of all human history and knowledge. From there we can:

  • identify Soul characteristics and training, providing insight into a soul’s purpose

  • identify and release past/present life issues/blockages that cause limitations

  • identify restrictive or disruptive energies that cause repeated behavioral patterns

The Soul Reading identifies inherent Soul traits and assists with:

  • discovering yourself

  • instilling a deeper confidence in your talents and abilities

  • helping unstick areas of stagnation

  • creating life changes


The Energetic Clearing releases prominent disruptions, such as:

  • blockages and resistance to change

  • compensatory or adaptive coping mechanisms that no longer serve you

  • contracts and cords that need breaking

This clearing addresses patterns in your life that no longer work and disrupt flow. By helping relieve anxiety, lift depression, and release the energy of negative behaviors, it removes the disruptions that hinder connection with your spiritual life and true nature.

Through this process we can repattern, correct, and restructure energy bodies (chakras, subtle bodies, ect..) to enable the clearing to ground and take hold.

Hypnosis Therapy

Through the use of hypnotic state, hypnotherapy techniques, and transpersonal therapies, we can examinate the mind to release limiting patterns, and reconnect to our essential self.

What is hypnosis ?


It's a natural state of :

  • altered consciousness, in which we go in and out all the time (e.g. daydreaming, sleepiness)

  • relaxation in which we are more open to suggestions

  • self-generated

What is hypnotherapy ?


It's a deep guided meditation that allows :

  • to quiet the mind, to open up to deeper aspects of the psyche, and get new perspectives

  • to reconnect to old memories

  • to access buried emotions and facilitate their expression

  • to analyze and tap into the root of the issue

  • to change and reprogram old patterns, beliefs and behaviors

  • to empower oneself

  • to discover and connect to one's wisdom potential, and embrace one's true nature


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