The Program

The transformation journey consists of using different methods to help you better understand and tap into your potential. These tools assist in identifying, releasing, and transforming any limiting psychological, emotional, energetic, and karmic patterns.


It’s a 5 weeks process, which includes 5 sessions :


1. Introduction: We determine the challenges you face in your life and define the path that we will walk.


2. Human Design: We read your personal chart and discuss the mechanisms, strengths, and vulnerabilities that govern your behavior. This helps you understand the possibilities of your "true" self.


3. Soul Reading and Energetic Clearing: Discover on a Soul level, your origins, your purpose on Earth, and what are the energetic and karmic patterns that hold you back.


4. Hypnosis: Through an hypnosis session, we dive into your subconscious mind to get to know and release the core emotional and psychological belief system(s) that are limiting you from living the life you want.


5. Integration: This follow-up session is geared towards helping you integrate what we have discovered into your daily life.

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